Oscar's Story

The Meat Trade Survivor 

Oscar was on his way to be slaughtered for meat on June 14th, 2019 in China, but his luck changed that day as he was rescued by an amazing team of girls, Slaughterhouse Survivors. They are working so hard to change the way dogs are treated and managed in China. They have already made so much progress as dogs and cats have been taken off the “livestock” list and are now deemed as pets, which means it is now illegal to buy and sell dog meat. 

We found Oscar on Underdog International’s website who are a partner charity that help re-home many meat trade rescues over here in the UK. We saw his photo and instantly fell in love with him! We knew we wanted to rescue and we knew we needed to find a dog that would get on with our existing dog Buster. Buster is a six year old French Bulldog and can be quite dominant at times, so we had to take that into consideration. Golden Retrievers have such a lovely nature, and one of Buster’s former pals was a golden, so it seemed like the perfect fit. In this situation, we didn’t have a chance to meet Oscar first, so it was a decision we couldn’t take lightly! 

After a few emails back and forth with Eve at Underdog, we secured Oscar in late September. It was then a long wait until he flew over to us, he was booked on a flight on 28th October. He flew from China to Moscow, then Moscow to Paris where the lovely pet courier company met them to start their drive over to the UK. 24 hours before he arrived, we were emailed a time slot to pick him up, ours was at 1am! That day felt like a lifetime, making sure we had everything ready to pick him up in the early hours the next day. 

He was incredibly nervous when it came to our time to take him home, as expected. With the past they have had, I imagine getting in and out of vehicles doesn’t bring back great memories for them. But we got him home and settled, offered him some food and spent some time with him. 

Considering he had no idea where he was and who we were, he slept pretty well. He must have been so exhausted from the long journey and very happy to be in a warm safe place. The next few days went quite smoothly and so has the last few months in terms of him settling in. Buster took a few days to warm up to him but now they couldn’t be better pals! Oscar has taken to home life so well and he’s fit right in with our family. Everything was very alien to him at first, he didn’t know what anything was including the TV! It was like teaching him how to be a dog, and Buster played a huge part in that. Oscar would copy everything he did and he took great comfort from Buster in a lot of situations he was unsure of. From the shelter in the left picture to now, you can see his progress in the picture on the right 

Unfortunately Oscar has been battling with chronic ear infections and inflammation probably his whole life, or at least from a very young age. He’s estimated to be around two years old, so he’s not had the best start in life! We discovered he has several food allergies which has been causing the inflammation and discomfort. We have spent the last six months trialling everything possible to help get his ears better and in a more manageable state, however we haven’t been successful, the damage is already done. An appointment with a specialist confirmed he has end stage ear disease, which has affected his ear drums and caused infection of the middle ear. As you can imagine, this is very painful for him and cannot be treated by medication alone. We are now left with our only option, which is surgery. The surgery involves removing the entire ear canal in both ears, it’s called a Total Ear Canal Ablation. This will remove all the diseased part of the ear and hopefully enable him to have a happy and pain free life. 

As he already had this problem when we adopted him, it is deemed as a “pre-existing” condition, which our insurance will not cover. We have set up a GoFundMe page to help fund his surgery as it is a huge amount of money to find on our own but we want to do the best we can for Oscar. By purchasing one of our Pawsome Wax Melts, you are helping Oscar have the best life as 100% of the profits are being donated towards the cost of his surgery. 

Thank you all so much for your support during a worrying time for us. 


You can continue to see how your money has saved his life on his instagram - oscarthemeattradesurvivor