Meet The Team


Ryan Wilks

Ryan went straight into construction after completing his education at Lord Wandsworth College.  He met Zoe in 2007 (aged 16) and they married in 2014.  Ryan shares Zoe's interest in aromas around the house and supports her quest at Flicker and Flame.

The shop was designed and built by Ryan with materials waiting to be skipped on site.  It may be hard to believe, but the shop materials cost under £100 and helped keep the planet green in doing so.


Zoë Wilks

Zoe is a retired professional dancer who has always had a keen interest in making scented candles to make her home smell warm and cosy. 


After a career ending injury, her hobby has now become her full time job at Flicker and Flame; running the day to day operations and producing the Signature range in the Flicker and Flame workshop. 


Mike Baldry

Mike works for an extremely successful design and print company and is the vision behind the designs for Flicker and Flame. 

From the initial logo to the labels on the products; they are designed, produced and printed by Mike.

Mikes young, green way of thinking has really proven to be a hit throughout the village with his loyalty bag scheme.