Flicker and Flame Ltd is a newly established company, run by a young team who pride ourselves in making and selling an array of fragrant candles and reed diffusers.

Our choice of multiple scents are found across our three ranges:  Classic; Inspired; and Luxury.  We are constantly thinking of new, innovative ideas to set us apart from the rest and to put our young twist on a typical household item.  

Flicker and Flame Ltd is based in Holme Grange Craft Village where we, at present, have one shop and one workshop.  Our workshop is located at the back of our shop and used to create our Inspired range, but also to hold workshops for individuals to sit in on and study the art of making scented candles.  In these workshops the individuals will try their hand at making a colourful, scented candle at their own pace and will be able to take this away with them once the wax has set.  We offer workshops for all ages, all occasions and can accommodate almost any time to suit.

We offer a facility which allows you to design your very own candle for us to make in our workshop.  You will be able to choose your scent, colour, shape and size of the candle and we can also offer a fully personalised label option to make this the perfect gift for every occasion.

We thank you for your support.